Employee Login

Notice to Volunteer Firefighters:

“I understand by signing up for these shifts, I am doing so solely as a volunteer for the Winters Fire Department. I also confirm that I am not presently engaged in any paid capacity to perform services for WFD. I will work these shifts and perform firefighting services for the WFD without promise, expectation, or receipt of any compensation.”

InTime Scheduling

  1. Download the InTime Scheduling App. (Available on Android & IOS)
  2. Review training videos 1-3:
    1. Instruction Video1: InTime Login Instructions
    2. Instruction Video2: InTime Shift Sign Up Instructions
    3. Instruction Video3: InTime Calendar Viewing


Shift selection will open two months in advance.

1st-14th: Sign up for 24 hour shifts (48 hour max consecutively).
15th-31st: Open shift sign ups (12 Hour & 24 Hour Shifts).

*There are three(3) 24-hour positions available each day. You can only sign up for the 3rd position if the 1st and 2nd positions have been filled each day for the ENTIRE MONTH.

Link to OLD Shift Calendar