Burn Permit Process for Addresses in State Responsible Area (SRA)

Burn Permit Information for State Responsible Area (SRA)
During Fire Season, customers residing on SRA lands must contact Cal Fire regarding the burn permit process, burning in SRA areas is subject to Cal Fire inspection. Burning can ONLY be done on permissive burn days. Burning permits are only valid on “Permissive Burn Days” as determined by the State Air Resources Board or the local air district.

Cal Fire Burn Permits are only for within the SRA, or where Cal Fire has jurisdictional authority. Please verify your address using the Calfire Burn Permit Responsibility Area Viewer as SRA lands in Yolo County include areas west of County Road 88 (examples: addresses on Golden Bear, Encinas, Quail Canyon, Etc).

Applying for a CalFire Burn Permit

Applicants will access the website at https://burnpermit.fire.ca.gov/ watch the mandatory video which reviews burning requirements and safety tips, fill in the required fields, submit the form and a dooryard burn permit will be created. The applicant must then print the permit. Permits are valid for the calendar year in which they are issued and must be reissued annually on or after January 1st of each year.

Additional Information:

  • Violations of any burning permit terms are a violation of state law (Public Resources Code 4421, 4422, 4423 and 4425).
  • What can be burned? Dry, natural vegetative material such as leaves, pine needles and tree trimmings grown on the property can be burned. No household trash or garbage can be burned outdoors at residences. Burning trash, garbage, plastic, painted wood, treated lumber, or other debris is not allowed. Piles should be no larger than four feet in diameter and in height.
  • Do NOT burn on windy days.
  • Clear a 10-foot diameter down to bare soil around your burn piles.
  • Have a shovel and a water source nearby. An adult is always required to be in attendance of the fire

In YOLO COUNTY PLEASE DIAL 530-666-8920 TO CONFIRM A BURN DAY AND IF SO, TO LOG THE LOCATION OF YOUR BURN, please provide the dispatcher with your name, address/location of the control burn, and contact number.

Contact Information for CalFire in Yolo County

CalFire/Brooks Fire Station
14023 Highway 16, Brooks, CA 95606
530- 796-3506

Questions regarding SRA lands can be directed to the Cal Fire Administration Unit for Yolo County

Sonoma Lake Napa Unit
1199 Big Tree Rd St Helena, CA 94574

Determining a Burn Day

Burn days are determined by the Air Quality Management District. Resources can be found at https://www.ysaqmd.org/rules-compliance/burning/

Questions regarding air quality can be directed to

Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District
1947 Galileo Court, Suite 103; Davis, CA 95618
530-757 – 3650