Downtown Vision & Policy

Downtown is the heart of the Winters and is a deeply important place for community members to socialize, do business, and reside. Attractive public spaces improve the quality of life for residents and help support local businesses. The City of Winters is identifying ways to create more vibrant spaces and improve access to and around Downtown. The project will result in a Vision and Policy Plan to make real improvements to the day-to-day lives of the people who work, live, and play in the City.

Downtown Master Plan Area (PDF)

Project Objectives:

  • Understand the existing conditions and community perceptions of Downtown Winters.
  • Develop strategies to make existing assets serve the community and create vibrant gathering and outdoor dining spaces.
  • Collaborate with residents, business owners, and other stakeholders to imagine ways of improving access, wayfinding, and walkability.
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Get Involved:

This project will develop a community vision and policies for Downtown Winters, shaping the use of existing infrastructure, including outdoor dining areas, gathering places, parking, and alley spaces. Everyone living in, working in, and visiting Downtown Winters is a key partner, and there will be several opportunities to get involved and help shape the final recommendations.

Share your feedback and influence our work by taking our community survey. See below!

So far, we’ve completed:

  • Downtown Business/Property Owner Meeting
  • Downtown Business/Property Owner Survey
  • Fourth Friday Table & Outreach