Department Information

  • The department provides service 24/7, 365 days a year and serves a population of approximately 8,320.
  • You can contact the Fire Department office Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., at 530-795-4131.
  • The Winters Fire Department is made up of 5 career and 50 volunteer personnel. Administration consists of one Fire Chief, three Captains, and Engineer and one part-time volunteer Secretary.
  • The City and the Winters Fire Protection District are served by one station and covers approximately 86 square miles in Yolo County.
  • The Winters Fire Department gives and receives additional firefighting resources from all of the surrounding fire districts as well as resources from Yolo, Solano, and Napa County Fire Departments on a mutual aid basis.
  • Station 26 runs approximately 1076 calls per year, depending on the fire season.
  • The City of Winters currently has an ISO Rating of 3 and an 3Y in the District.

The Department is organized into three divisions, each with a specific area of responsibility. Each of the divisions oversees several important functions, including personnel, emergency response, training, fire prevention, fire inspections, public education, fire investigations, EMS, and facility & fleet maintenance.

Fire Department Operations consists of three shift assignments: A, B, and C shifts. Currently, there are three full-time career Fire Captains, who each work a 48/96 work cycle (2 days on/4 days off) and each fill one of the assigned shifts. Our daily staffing maintains a minimum of two firefighters on shift every day, this includes one career Fire Captain and one volunteer Firefighter 24/7 where they staff one Type I Engine. The WFD utilizes a Volunteer/Reserve Firefighter program to augment daily staffing up to a total of four personnel on the engine.


Career Staff:

  • Fire Chief – Jack Snyder
  • A Shift Captain, Fleet/Facilities & EMS – Cheyne Baumgart
  • B Shift Captain, Operations & Training – Matthew Schechla
  • C Shift Captain, Fire Prevention & Public Education – Jesus Marquez

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