Building Division

The City of Winters Building and Code Enforcement Division is part of the Community Development Department and is responsible for reviewing plans, issuing building permits, and performing inspections of buildings and structures within the City of Winters to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations related to building construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation. The divisions respond to complaints of unsafe structures, work without a permit, and prepare Notices of Violations as necessary.  Additionally, the division responds in emergency situations to provide structure and safety advice to firefighters and emergency responders during emergency operations.   The Building and Code Enforcement Division works closely with other City departments to help maintain a safe and livable community.


Our primary mission is to provide for the public safety, health, and general welfare in the built environment through education and enforcement of the building codes, local ordinances, and federal and state laws.  Life safety is our main goal and objective.

State of California Accessibility Requirements: 

For Accessibility requirements enforced by the State of California, please see the California Code of Regulations Title 24, Part 2 Volume 1, Chapters 10, 11A, and 11B. A copy of these regulations is available for viewing at the Building Department on the City Hall's first floor.  This book cannot be removed from the Building Department.  These regulations are under copyright by both the California Conference of Building Officials and the California Building Standards Commission and can not be photocopied.


Effective January 1, 2024, the City of Winters adopted the enforcement of the 2022 California Building Code of Regulations Title 24