Winters Senior Commission on Aging

Members of the Senior Commission on Aging:

The Winters Senior Commission on Aging recommended and was disbanded by the Winters City Council on June 20th, 2023, via resolution 2023-44. Since the formation of the Commission, maintaining consistent membership has been difficult. Several commissioners have left due to health issues and others have decided to devote their energies to other projects. The commission had 3 vacancies and one member not seeking reappointment leaving them without a quorum. The recommendation to disband included support for incorporating the role of the Senior Commission into a new Parks and Recreation Commission to more broadly represent the interests of the community to be brought back at a later date to the City Council. All information regarding this decision can be found in the CIyt Council Packet and recording from June 20, 2023.

Marianne Boyer   06/01/2021 06/02/2025
Valentina Lowden   11/13/2019 06/01/2023
Karen Croley   09/2022 06/2023
Mark Rowan     6/1/2025
Cheryl Sandoval Chair 11/13/2019 06/01/2023
Eleanor Yeatman   8/2/2022 6/1/2025
VACANT     6/1/2023